Lockdown Lifting Routine: Closed Schools Offer The Perfect Time To Make Strong Bodies and Strong Minds

I have noticed another trend over the last few weeks with the global quarantines due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. People are working out at home much more due to closed gyms. Of course, this is one area where me and my Tribe are definitely feeling the struggle as well. However, as with work, schooling and extra food, I have built-in redundancy and a back-up plan just in case.

My home gym was called the Iron Temple before the days of the internet, back during Bill Clinton’s first term and a booming economy. It’s the barbell set that changed my life and took me from being a chubby kid and adult to always being someone that at least looked like I lifted. I want my kids to know the latter portion and fall in love with the steel like their father has most of his life. 

Carl Lanore of Super Human Radio would always say that, “Muscle is metabolic currency for when we get older.” One, I have found that to be very true. Two, I want my kids to start building up that account right now. 

My equipment:

– Power cage w/Chin-up bar

– Set of Power stands

– Over 700 lbs. Of steel plates

– Two adjustable dumbbells ( Powerblocks 5-45lbs) 

– Olympic barbell

– Trap Bar

– Triceps Bar

– Bench

– Stability Ball

– Numerous attachment

– Heavy Bag

– …and a Arnold Arm Blaster!

As you can see, we can make it do what it do in our garage, and with a closed gym, that’s exactly what we are doing. 

I know how to train my kids because my career in the fitness field started with training children up to senior citizens. But by far, it was those kids that had the biggest impact on my life. I have told the story often, it was some of those homeschool kids that gave me the idea to homeschool! That said, I have held numerous certifications that did not teach me a tenth of what I learned from the old Ironman magazines. I even held the coveted National Strength and Conditioning’s CSCS certification after graduating college. But it was a certification called the International Association of Resistance Training (IART) and mentoring from my former professor that gave me a heart to train kids. So if I could train other people’s athletes, how could I not train those in my own home?

I have had the pleasure of working out with every single one of my children at one time or another, and I can’t wait to put it down on my grandchildren as well! Lexi-Lex still hits the steel periodically and you can read her story HERE. Now I train with Big Homie and he is 15 years old and with Boney, and she is 13 years old. Both, in terms of lifting experience, are at an intermediate level. I know longer need to watch over every squat, deadlift or bench press set, as their form is better than most in any gym (though that’s not saying much) and it is a matter of coaching them up, with less emphasis needed as we go on technique. 

Our current workout is called “Lockdown Lifting”. It is a bit of a separation from our traditional gym routine since there is no need to fight for the power rack. In this routine, we just go back to the good old basics now, and here is the routine they are doing:

The Tribe will be lifting every other day, and I can’t wait to see how their lifting totals jump. Currently, Boney’s one-rep max was 200 lbs. on the trap bar deadlift and Big Homie is at 200 lbs. as well on the same lift. So yes, she’s that strong! Her older brother is struggling to shake her as she continues to hang with him. 

So what about you? Are your kids training with you at home? If not, whatever equipment you have, involve them in your routine. I know, the gym is often our get-a-way time from home and work life, but why not seize this opportunity? Trust me, in a few years, if that, they will be gone and you will have the gym and your time all to yourself again. Secondly, your kids, like in many other areas, will develop their love for taking care of the only body they will ever have from you. As I remind them often, I am not training your body and mind for today, I am building your body and body for tomorrow. 

So stay tuned. I will certainly keep you posted on their progress and if you have any questions on how to get a routine set up for your kids, let me know in the comments section below!


So How Will Your Children Learn With School Closing Due To COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus?

How did you get here? You cannot believe it can you. You have never thought about homeschooling but here you are. You’ve heard about those crazy religious, anti-social people homeschooling their kids but that’s not you. After all, the government will always be there to take care of your children right?

Are you feeling a bit hopeless?

The thought of homeschooling seems too daunting, I know. You think you can’t afford to be home or perhaps you are going to be afraid that your kids will grow up with no social skills, but now due to COVID-19 or “Coronavirus”, you may have to be home, and what about socialization? Oh no, it’s recommended that your kids even limit who they come in contact with now.  

You use to wonder how would your family and friends feel about you pulling your kids out of school? Would the government come after you? How could you teach math? What if you don’t have them prepared for college? But now larger questions exist, such as, “Will my kids have to make up the days off?” “How long could this go on?” “After the first week, they need the break, but what am I going to have them study and do weeks 2, 3, 4, etc.?”

Oh yes, I have been there for a few of those questions. But regardless of COVID-19, or any other school tragedy that happens at the school of the day, my kids and I will not miss a beat. Don’t believe me, let me tell you a little about us to see if I can help you.

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