So How Will Your Children Learn With School Closing Due To COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus?

How did you get here? You cannot believe it can you. You have never thought about homeschooling but here you are. You’ve heard about those crazy religious, anti-social people homeschooling their kids but that’s not you. After all, the government will always be there to take care of your children right?

Are you feeling a bit hopeless?

The thought of homeschooling seems too daunting, I know. You think you can’t afford to be home or perhaps you are going to be afraid that your kids will grow up with no social skills, but now due to COVID-19 or “Coronavirus”, you may have to be home, and what about socialization? Oh no, it’s recommended that your kids even limit who they come in contact with now.  

You use to wonder how would your family and friends feel about you pulling your kids out of school? Would the government come after you? How could you teach math? What if you don’t have them prepared for college? But now larger questions exist, such as, “Will my kids have to make up the days off?” “How long could this go on?” “After the first week, they need the break, but what am I going to have them study and do weeks 2, 3, 4, etc.?”

Oh yes, I have been there for a few of those questions. But regardless of COVID-19, or any other school tragedy that happens at the school of the day, my kids and I will not miss a beat. Don’t believe me, let me tell you a little about us to see if I can help you.

Who are we?

  • A family of six, with four children that have always been homeschooled. Our oldest student did not register for a school until he was 14 years-old when he was beginning a special program that would enable him to graduate at 16 years-old with his high school diploma, and maybe even Associate degree. Did we make it? More on that later.

My wife taught my kids how to read and some early education subjects, but after that, I took over. I was responsible for their education even while working full-time at the office (with frequent travel) and for the last four years, I’ve set my life up to where I can work from home which enables me to teach them even more now.

How have your children fared in society after being homeschooled all of their lives?

  • My first homeschooled son: Bachelor of Science degree achieved at 20 years old, after an internship and subsequent paying position with the USDA, which allowed him to graduate DEBT-FREE (I do NOT want them to make the same mistakes as dad and many other students today make). Less than two months after graduating, he started a new job, making more annually than I did up until I was well into my 40s and more than the average American. Yes, he received that walking in the door.
  • My first homeschooled daughter: Achieved her associate’s degree at 18 years old. She will also be graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree right at her 20th birthday and is pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She is also working and looks to graduate debt free.
  • My second son and daughter are right on track to follow in their footsteps.

What do we consider ourselves?

Well, if you want to put a label on us, pick one:

  • Homeschooling
  • Religious
  • Multi-ethnic
  • Middle-Class
  • Neither Conservative nor Liberal
  • Patriarchal
  • Big Family
  • Whatever you want, we do not care, because we just “do what we do”

Where do you homeschool?

  • I have homeschooled in our home all of these years. We began living in a major urban (i.e. Black) city, later moved to a suburb of that city, then moved many states away to a much smaller city that’s rather isolated.

How long have you been homeschooling?

  • Officially since 2004, but you will learn, I believe in “Always Be Teaching”, so they have “Always Been Learning”!

How have you made it income wise?

  • Honestly, I will not pull punches with you. I’m in student loan debt up to my eyeballs and my first full-time job started me under $30,000 per year with three children. I made $35,000 per year when my son turned five and he stayed at home. Ironically, he was already reading very well at that age. We have hard times like Run-DMC for many years, but by God’s grace, we have always survived. That said, I haven’t bought a new car since 2003! So notice the connection?

Why did you decide to homeschool?

  • You will hear our journey soon enough, but let me tell you that once we started, we never looked back. I wanted:
  1. ) Children with a biblical worldview
  2. ) Children that would be prepared to take on the world, have knowledge of who they are and their real history, and not be taught to just go work on the assembly line. Really, what did you think the Government school was made for? Don’t believe me, go look it up! Start by checking out the work of a former teacher, John Gatto.
  3. ) Children that would not be influenced by the world, but would see it as their responsibility to influence the world…take that you “socialization” folks.
  4. ) Many more reasons you will find as you follow this blog.

So are you still wondering if you can do this? To borrow a familiar phrase, “Yes you can!”

Please email us any questions you may have at:, so we can deliver to you the content that matters most. I know right now, you may be scrambling for info, so let me help.

Oh yes, I’m not the only one contributing to this blog and podcast. You’re going to hear from the students themselves, ages ranging from 13-20. I want you to hear the good and the bad straight from them.

So are you ready?

The government daycare has now been taken away in many states, with more being added each day due to the outbreak. But perhaps you were also getting tired of your kids being marginalized in the classroom, being “labeled” with the learning disability of the year, arrested, bullied, not learning real history, sex suggestions instead of education, and wanted them out of the school-to-prison pipeline. This could be your opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do for so long.

You are in the right spot to learn how to bring them home, and we are so glad you took the time to check us out!

Cool Pappa, aka, Dad & Principal/Leader of My Tribe


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