The Teach Them Right Radio Show – Episode #1


Finally, we got the first podcast episode done!

Needless-to-say, last week was a very trying week, so that definitely delayed our posting schedule and the release of this podcast that was recorded before last week’s tragedies.

Now this episode is in three segments:

  • How did we start homeschooling?
  • Reggie’s homeschooling perspective
  • Lexi’s homeschooling perspective

Since this is the first show, we’re still working out the bugs, recording levels and flow, but I think I have my intro music down. James Brown provided the perfect theme song for the Teach Them Right Radio show!

So please check out the show. This one is a bit longer than what we normally plan to deliver due to the number of topics covered, so thanks for hanging with us.

Click HERE to listen.

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2 thoughts on “The Teach Them Right Radio Show – Episode #1

  1. Alex2review, thank you very much for your terrific comment! You’ve given me much to think about and something I may touch on in the next podcast for sure. I admit, I’ve been very defensive talking to adults about homeschooling over the years. Basically, after someone learns during a conversation that we homeschool, I’m always taken back by the opinions given of what they think we should do or why it’s not a good idea. As tactfully say, “Notice that I didn’t tell you my opinion of what I thought about you sending your kids to school?” Usually, that gets the point across. Lastly, it was a homeschooled athlete that I was training that became the main catalyst for us to homeschool. So I certainly feel that children are the best advertisement!

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  2. You and your family have definitely dispelled a great many preconceived notions about homeschooling. I was 16 when I met another teen who had been homeschooled her entire life. She was also from a Christian family and I remember peppering her with a ton of questions as a homeschooler was pretty akin to meeting an Amish farmer in the city; they are anomalies and considered often as outliers to mainstream societal standards of living and expectations of how you should be educated. What I want to specifically speak on after listening to the podcast, and hearing first person perspectives from your children is the difference in how your children address being homeschooled vs those I’ve spoken to in the past and that difference is your children have a strong sense of pride in what they’ve accomplished and how their journey has been thus far being homeschooled. When asking questions in the past, there was a great deal of defensiveness from those who had been or were homeschooled; and rightfully so, as I can imagine how often a child or a teen has to defend the position that their parents made the decision to not follow the status quo and educate them at home. The difference being that your children are able to speak beyond a “hey, my parents decided this for me.” to expressing the benefits they’ve experienced as homeschoolers, that they are ACTIVE in the engagement of learning as you don’t have a say in the matter in public schooling, as well as their understanding that the choices their parents made were for their benefit. Great first podcast! I anticipate hearing and learning a lot more.


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