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  • I Want To Homeschool, But Where Do I Start?
    Teach Them Right Homeschool Case Study #1 begins! We begin our first case study with LeAnne, a mother who is seeking to eventually transition to homeschooling her four children. Her story is inspirational, as she could very easily decide the path is too tough for her to consider with her challenges. So why is she choosing this amazing journey?
  • 1921 Tulsa Race Riot & Are We Seeing Fake Outrage About Donald Trump?
    Sit in on my homeschooling classroom as I discuss the presentation put together by my "students", Joshua (15) and Sierra (14). They have been studying so called "race riots" in America over the last two weeks, and how timely. The nation now appears to be upset that Donald Trump planned on announcing his campaign near the area known as Black Wall Street that you are about to learn about above. Even more, originally (as the date has now been changed) he was going to also rally on June 19th, the day many Black Americans celebrate Juneteenth.
  • The Teach Them Right Radio Show – Episode #4: Lessons I Learned From The Presidential Election
    Check it out, Episode #4 is HERE! In many homes, there was lamenting, shock, and awe. But may I encourage us all to take this opportunity to gather the family together and come up with a strategy on how to navigate over the next four to eight years. Neely Fuller gives nine areas of activity that make a perfect starting point for the discussion. A family strategy in these areas will go a long way towards making your family "politic proof". Mental freedom isn't given by the White House, but in Our House. 1. Economics 2. Education 3. Entertainment 4. Labor 5. Law 6. Politics 7. Religion 8. Sex 9. War/Counter-War Frances Cress Welsing passed away Jan. 2016, but she lived just long enough to understand what was going down. Which is why I'm baffled as to why some are shocked. She understood how real race-baiting goes down.  Evangelicals are now talking prayer and unity. But please know, that if you research the so-called evangelical church in America, one group, and it wasn't the "black-side", was more than happy with the divide. This is why as a group the majority was in support of (as they point out with abortion, silence, is support) Jim Crow segregation, the KKK, segregated churches, institutional racism, sexism, etc.. Sadly, it would have made my heart glad to see evangelicals not support either candidate and I would have had respect for that decision. But I have to wonder, since we like to say, "lesser of two evils", if the decision was between the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet, which would they choose? After Tuesday, all of the Left Behind Pre-Trib loving folks seemed to just "take the mark", letting an evil system (logically, how can you have evil choices but a good system?) dictate their choices, something I'm sure they claim they'd never do. The New...Furious StylesThe Teach Them Right Radio Show – 
  • The Teach Them Right Radio Show – Episode #2: The Church and Racism Forum Discussion
    Finally, show #2 is here! Okay, and since it took me so long to get another out, how about a special treat. I had the pleasure to serve on a forum discussing Christianity and race recently and I want to sure with you. Most importantly, I had a chance to share it with my kids! All four were in attendance and as you can hear, what we discuss at home, gets discussed in public as well.  It was a fantastic panel and definitely set the stage for future meetings, but you are about to hear part one of an upcoming four-part series.  I this episode, we kick off discussing: The role the Christian church plays in the racial discussion going on in America Is it okay for churches to split on preferences? Is there a problem hanging out with people just like you? Enjoy and feel free to leave us a comment below and be sure to leave a review on iTunes! Cool Pappa
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